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Bamboo: The Tip of the Eco-Friendly Iceberg

18 February, 2016

When you’re looking at a bamboo forest, your’e actually looking at only the tip of the iceberg: more than half the mass of a bamboo forest is the root structure underground.    inIndividual  poles above the surface are actually part of a huge interconnected root structure underneath.   Cutting one pole (usually less than 20%, only the mature poles) leaves the structure intact with many other culms to feed the root structure above.   These grass-like characteristics make bamboo floor eco friendly.  

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Bamboo: Keeping Winter Warm

10 February, 2016

Bamboo is a natural insulator.  This means unlike tile, which turns your floor into an instrument of refrigeration, or carpet, which traps humidity and allergies, bamboo keeps your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

This is because bamboo itself grows in climates that are both hot and humid, cold and dry.   Having perfected its insulation properties for itself over several million years, bamboo flooring brings these properties into your home.

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Bamboo: Grows Fast, Installs Fast, Lasts Forever 

31 January, 2016

Part of its eco-friendly story, bamboo is legendary for how fast it grows.  Up to full height within a few weeks, needing only four more years to reach ideal density.  

With its unique, patented Uniclic installation method, Simply Bamboo’s bamboo floor installs even faster.  With no glue or nails, it’s the safe, emissions free way to put your floor down.  

Meanwhile, although it’s fast-growing and goes down quick, because bamboo is selectively harvested (not clear cut) and a grass, not a tree, bamboo forests have and will be around for thousands of years.  

Likewise your bamboo floor, the grass that’s harder than a hardwood, will be giving you a lifetime of enjoyment.  Order free samples from Simply Bamboo today to see for yourself.

Stop Cold Feet With Bamboo Flooring

21 January, 2016

Cold feet is a condition  which affects not only thousands of husbands-to-be every year, but even common homeowners with tile or inexpensive laminates.   The solution?   A stiff shot of whiskey for the former, a bamboo floor for the latter.

Simply Bamboo Bamboo Floor keeps your house warm in the winter, cool in the summer due to bamboo’s unique ability to remain calm under atmospheric pressure.  Tile floors can freeze your toes, while carpet will keep more than your feet warm: it’ll keep dust, dirt and other allergy causing particles.   For comfort, health and more than a little bit of stunning beauty, check out our huge range of bamboo floorings and order free samples today.  


Dog and Pet Friendly Flooring

14 January, 2016

While nothing on earth is pet-proof, bamboo floor proves its resilience with pets, both in hardness and scratch resistance.   Over 43% more scratch resistant than other hardwoods floors, you can install bamboo flooring with confidence. .

And it's not just dogs; bamboo floor is easy to clean, in case of shedding cats.   And if your fishbowl has an unfortunate spill?  Bamboo is resistant to spills that are quickly cleaned up, making it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and emotional goldfish.  

Floor Score Certified bamboo flooring

02 January, 2016

Simply Bamboo is proud to announce that all of our flooring is now Floor Score Certified.

What does this mean?  This means that every plank of floor we sell meets strict  indoor air quality (IAQ) requirements of FloorScore®, an independent certifying body.   This includes all EU, ASTM and UK standard, as well as qualifying for LEEDS credits and Green Bamboo Building Council guidelines. 

Simply Bamboo is dedicated to providing  you with the most beautiful and eco friendly product on the market.  Order your free samples today.

Bamboo For Everything

29 December, 2015

Bamboo flooring really does go with anything.  It's natural fibers complements a wide range of decor styles and has the ability to give new life into a room.  From living rooms and bedrooms all the way to kitchens and bathrooms, bamboo flooring looks good in any room at home or an office/business.
We stock the widest range of bamboo floorings, from standards to strands, clicks to T&Gs. So if you want to go green but don't want to sacrifice style, don't worry: you don't have to.  Order your free samples today! 

Bamboo Flooring is Better Than Ever

15 December, 2015

More and more people are choosing  bamboo flooring.  Why?  Not just because of its impressive eco-friendly and green credentials.  Thanks to developments in technology and design, bamboo flooring has undergone a style transformation in recent years making it one of the hottest selling flooring options on the market today.
The days of limited choice have been replaced with a variety of options like strand, standards, engineered, tiger, white, carbonized, raw.  
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Bamboo the Rising Star

09 December, 2015

Strong and practical, bamboo was originally  used in China starting about 5,000 years ago. Fast forward to 2015 and bamboo is rapidly becoming one of the most popular eco-friendly products of our time. In a resource hungry world, bamboo is the rising star of green building material. 

It’s strong, renewable, reduces carbon dioxide gases, releases more oxygen into the air and reaches maturity in three - five short years – making bamboo the ideal eco alternative to timber.

From seedling to harvest, it takes a max of five years for bamboo to be transformed into a range of useful products like bamboo flooring.

Superior Bamboo Makes Superior Floor

04 December, 2015

Not all bamboo is the same. Our sustainably sourced, FSC-certifited bamboo comes from areas in China where the bamboo jungles are exposed to cold winters and hot summers. This type of climate provides optimal conditions for growing tough, resilient bamboo poles that are ideal for producing eco friendly flooring and other quality bamboo products.

Bamboo quality control

We have our own team at-sight on the factory, who has worked with bamboo flooring since 1996. With a wealth of experience, knowledge and an eye for quality bamboo products, they ensure that the bamboo we select is sustainable certified, sustainable bamboo of the highest quality.

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