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Bamboo & FSC

What is FSC, is our bamboo FSC certified, and what does SIMPLY BAMBOO do to ensure that bamboo responsibly harvested?

What is FSC?

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, an organization established to promote  responsible management of the world's forests, specifically timber.  

How does FSC relate to Bamboo? 

FSC was established with trees in mind.  Bamboo is a grass, not a tree.   This makes bamboo more eco-friendly than timber, but also means that FSC does not directly relate to bamboo.   The certification system for FSC as relates to bamboo supports the FSC company, but does not add anything to the conditions of bamboo harvesting as it exists: a sustainable system.  

 Bamboo is a constantly renewable resource.    Bamboo plantations are small-scale owned by individual towns and communities; bamboo is sold on a cash basis into the supply chain, so the money goes directly through these communities, and not through a corporation.   To have these communities FSC certified would essentially be a burden for the benefit of FSC.  

 Are your factories FSC certified? 

Our supplier holds a chain of custody certificate allowing them to handle FSC

 What if I have a project that needs FSC? 

FSC certification can be purchased separately for projects that need to be labeled FSC.   However, there is no difference between FSC and non-FSC bamboo, the surcharge is for management and maintenance costs of program, done through local forestry departments.   If you wish to contribute to FSC directly they have a link. https://fsciandp.salsalabs.org/donatenow/index.html.

 What does Simply Bamboo do to ensure bamboo is responsibly harvested? 

Simply Bamboo uses 3rd party inspectors to make sure our bamboo is mature bamboo, harvested within the growing seasons.   We have our own team at site to ensure this is done correctly.   Bamboo is sourced directly from farmers, not through middle-men, so the bamboo profits and put directly back into the communities. 

 If you need more information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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