SIMPLY BAMBOO has been selling bamboo products worldwide for the past 25 years. Working with the best factories in our industry, we concentrate exclusively on bamboo. We offer you an unparalleled choice of the highest quality bamboo floorings at the most reasonable prices.

SIMPLY BAMBOO stocks the widest selection of bamboo colours, patterns sizes and types in Europe. We complement our floors with a full range of accessories. We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional personal service and will answer any questions that you may have so that we can provide you with a floor that you will be thrilled with. One key benefit of working so closely with our manufacturers is that we are able to maintain unmatched colour consistency. The samples that you receive, despite being a natural product, will be as close as is humanely possible to the product that is delivered to you. 

A large proportion of our sales are from recommendations from customers who have dealt with us before. We consider this to be a testament to the good service that we provide. We will absolutely never bombard you with post sales questionnaires and never pass on contact details to a third party. 

Our flooring is truly Premium Grade

SIMPLY BAMBOO’s partners have over 50 years experience in bamboo processing. To ensure consistency and the most competitive pricing, SIMPLY BAMBOO deals directly with our manufacturers. Consistency in manufacturing processes is critical in order to produce a quality product. Colour consistency can only be maintained if the manufacturing processes are precise and repeatable.

Why select SIMPLY BAMBOO flooring?

  • Monitored bamboo harvesting.
  • Meets ISO9000: 2000 certification.
  • In house Quality Control
  • Premium Swedish and American Coatings.
  • Finished product on all sides.
  • Large range of colours and styles.
  • Lifetime warranty against delamination.
  • Close partnerships with the leading manufacturers.

Total control is a key to our success. SIMPLY BAMBOO employs our own Quality Control team headed by China based Peter Taylor. Working in the bamboo business for over 15 years and fluent in Mandarin, Peter monitors every shipment during production, from harvesting to packing. In his spare time, Peter gives presentations on the benefits and beauty of bamboo.

Peter Taylor with Production Manager Tony Ling

Meets ISO9000:2000 certification

Our dedicated factories are SGS ISO9000 Certified, and conform to the European CE classification. All flooring exceeds European E1 standards, as well as NWFA recommendations for solid wood flooring. By being ISO9000:2000 certified, you can trust that our manufacturing partner provides a quality product, with consistent colouring and quality manufacturing that will stand-up over time.

Monitored bamboo harvesting

SIMPLY BAMBOO uses only mature Chinese Mao bamboo for our flooring. The bamboo poles are selected and harvested from bamboo forests carefully monitored by the Chinese Department of Forestry. This ensures the bamboo forests are able to self-regenerate and maintain a natural ecosystem for future harvesting.

Is it true that SIMPLY BAMBOO flooring is environmentally friendly?

Unlike wood, bamboo is an integrated plant structure; cutting the pole does not damage the underlying living root structure. Bamboo also prevents against soil erosion, assists in carbon sequestration and provides livelihood for rural areas. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource that has been used as a construction material for thousands of years. Ecologically, the harvesting of the bamboo does not affect the worlds dwindling timber resources. Bamboo is a natural alternative to traditional hardwood flooring while at the same time doing something good for the environment.

Why select SIMPLY BAMBOO flooring over other varieties of hardwoods?

  • Protection of hardwood forests from further deforestation.
  • Dimensional stability superior to most traditional hardwoods.
  • Highly durable finish applied during manufacture.
  • Unique, elegant and modern flooring.

Finished product on all sides

Our flooring has an all-around finish, which makes each floorboard resistant to moisture and humidity. By having a product finished on all sides, it is safe to install in any type of room including kitchens and bathrooms where moisture is typically a concern. As a result our bamboo flooring will make for increased versatility in designing a home or office.


Installation and care

Where can SIMPLY BAMBOO flooring be installed?

SIMPLY BAMBOO is adaptable to a variety of different environments including kitchens, bathrooms and over under-floor heating. The all over finish allows it to be used in these areas as well as in commercial projects; offices, restaurants etc. See the tables in the product section for definitive usages.

How is SIMPLY BAMBOO installed?

See our Installation Instructions on our home page. The vast majority of our flooring is UniClic. That’s is, its glue less and floated (not stuck down) over an underlay. The exception is our parquet which is glued down using Bona R850.

What is the best method for maintaining and caring for SIMPLY BAMBOO flooring?

Caring for SIMPLY BAMBOO flooring is the same as any timber flooring. After the installation is complete, vacuum or dust mop your floor to remove and dirt or abrasive material. Excessive amounts of water should not be used when cleaning/mopping the floor. SIMPLY BAMBOO flooring can be refinished or repaired with any Polyurethane or compatible coating.


SIMPLY BAMBOO do not perform installations. However, there is nothing different (compared to other timber floors) about installing our bamboo floors. Carpenters, floor layers, keen DIYers have all installed SIMPLY BAMBOO flooring.

What is the SIMPLY BAMBOO product Warranty?

SIMPLY BAMBOO warranties against manufacturing defects, and delamination. A copy of the warranty can be viewed on the website

Installation and care

For our installation and care instructions, please see our website

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