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Springtime in the Bamboo Forest

17 April, 2017

Except for harvesting, which is limited this time of year, this is the most active time of year for the bamboo forest.   New sprouts are shooting up from where they were cut down last year, and growing at an amazing pace: almost a foot a day or more.    Since bamboo is a grass, not a tree, it grows out of a continuous root structure that has been there for decades. 

Soon we will be harvesting selected culms, 4 year and older poles, for our premium lines of bamboo flooring. 

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Bamboo Flooring, the increasingly economical hardwood option

05 April, 2017

Like any hardwood flooring, Bamboo Flooring from Simply Bamboo provides a lifetime of beauty and use.    That, unlike carpet or laminate, it does not need to be replaced--indeed, it can be refinished if desired--makes it over the long term a cost-saving option.   But due to the increased costs of hardwoods because of pressure on the ecosystem, bamboo flooring provides not only a more beautiful floor but a less expensive one, when compared to other woods like Oak, Walnut or Cherry. 

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Bamboo Growing Season

30 March, 2017

Spring is a special time for bamboo.   Once a year, in April, bamboo begins its growing season.   It's the one time of the year bamboo is not harvested.   As the bamboo shoots are coming out of the ground, farmers do not go into the forest for fear of stepping on them.    

Because bamboo grows so fast, by the end of April all the bamboo shoots that have come out are already as tall as a person.    It's safe to go back in the forest and harvest only 4 years or older bamboo for bamboo flooring. 

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Our Bamboo Flooring Solids are Solid

22 March, 2017

The majority of Simply Bamboo Bamboo Floorings are solid floorings, meaning if for any reason you decide to refinish them, you do not need to replace the floor.  Simply sand off the wear layer or all the way down to the raw bamboo and apply a new finish.    The option to refinish a floor gives you a floor that can last a lifetime and a floor that is perfect for both residential and commercial areas. 

But see for yourself.   Order free samples today, and talk to one of our experienced sales reps.  

The Versatility of Simply Bamboo Flooring

15 March, 2017

Some floors are good for some places, and some floors are good for everywhere.  Simply Bamboo Bamboo flooring looks fantastic and performs over and above what you expect in every room in the house.    

Bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms bathrooms all places bamboo floor loves to be.    Both commercial and residential areas apply.

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Our Amazing Economy Range

06 March, 2017

For an amazing, exotic and affordable experience, try our economy range of bamboo floors.   All solid bamboo in a T&G 10mm thickness, they come in our most poplar shades of carbonized and natural, in both glossy and matte finishes.   

The range has everything you expect out of Simply Bamboo bamboo flooring: hardness, eco-friendly and a lifetime of beauty.  

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Bamboo Growing Season

04 March, 2017

Getting Ready for Spring with Simply Bamboo

27 February, 2017

Get ready for spring with a great new floor from Simply Bamboo. There is no more beautiful, higher quality floor available at any price. Choose from our solids, engineered and click floorings to get the perfect match for you. Warm in winter and cool in summer, bamboo is right for any room in any season.

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Bamboo Growing Season

15 February, 2017

Now that Chinese New Year has past (happy Year of the Rooster), spring has officially begun.  

For bamboo, this means a three month rest from harvesting.  Only four year and older bamboo is harvested from certified forests, but even this bamboo is not cut during the growing season.   During this time bamboo shoots are coming out of the ground and nobody enters the forest until they are at least as high as a farmer, to prevent stepping on any new saplings. 

It's part of the key to making bamboo a renewable resource. 

Simply Bamboo is CE certified

08 February, 2017

When building you a floor meant to last a lifetime, we’ve gone out of the way to get as many third-party certificates to ensure that the quality standard exceed your every expectations.  This includes being CE certified, and making sure we are up to date on all regulations.   Due to its hardness, stability and fire resistance, Simply Bamboo Flooring can be installed in the toughest commercial environments, including hospitals and schools were safety is a priority. 

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