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Bamboo Flooring vs Laminate, Continued

This week, we continue comparing bamboo flooring to other flooring options, specifically laminate.   Welcome to Round Three. 

Round Three: Toxicity Levels

Made of cheap processed wood, held together by inexpensive adhesives, laminate flooring is not an eco-friendly product. There is no way to be sure what chemicals or other harmful products have been used in the manufacturing process. The biggest concern with laminate flooring is that you have no real idea of the source of the product, the manufacturing quality or the levels of toxic ingredients added to the laminate material.All our bamboo products adhere to stringent testing and confirm to all European Union (EU) standards, and the floor itself is composed of primarily bamboo: not chemicals.   One of the beauties of hard floorings is it does not catch dust and other allergens.   Keep your house pure using a good, solid eco-friendly floor. 

  • Apr 03, 2016
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