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Superior  Bamboo Flooring Deserves a Superior Finish
Simply Bamboo bamboo flooring is coated with eight layers of aluminum oxide UV finish.  It is the most advanced finish for bamboo flooring available on the market.   Our finish provides protection for your bamboo flooring, giving resistance against scratches and protection against stains. It’s a finish is designed to last.   However, should you ever feel like refinishing your bamboo flooring, you can either sand down the topcoat and re-apply a new top layer or sand all the way down to the bamboo itself and put a full coating on.  
Most of our finishes are at a low-gloss level to give a natural look and feel that doesn’t stand between you and your bamboo.   We also provide high glossy finishes. 
Call us for more details about what makes Simply Bamboo flooring special, and order your free samples now.  
  • Aug 02, 2016
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