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Bamboo Roots

19 July, 2016

Bamboo is certainly beautiful from the waist up, but bamboo roots are truly a thing of wonder.  The interconnected structure means that although you see individual poles, these poles are in fact one group of plants, like a field of grass.     It’s nature also help guard against soil erosion.  
What does this have to do with bamboo floor?  The root structure is part of what makes bamboo, and bamboo floor, such an eco-friendly item. Cutting one pole does kill the structure, another pole just makes its way above the surface the next year.  
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The Best Bamboo Flooring Click System

12 July, 2016

Simply Bamboo’s bamboo floors utilize the patented Uniclic locking system for fast, simple and glueless installation.   With a history of over 10 years, Uniclic is the most proven and trusted click system on the flooring market.  Fast means you save on installation costs.  Simple means there’s less chance for error.  And glue-less means a clean, VOC-free eco friendly installation.  
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Bamboo Floor in Summer

28 June, 2016

Summer is coming, and with it warmer weather -- but worry not.  Bamboo has naturally cooling effects in summer, so your bamboo floor will keep you as cool in summer as it does in winter. 

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Working Out with Bamboo

28 April, 2016

Bamboo combines strength, beauty, durability and ease of maintaince.  For this reason, bamboo  flooring is increasing used in work out spaces— whether a home gym or a yoga parlor. 

Not only can it take a pounding by dancers, but in tandem with an underlay bamboo floor can also reduce the shock of falls.   Blood, sweat and tears are easy to clean due to its easy to maintain UV coating.  

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Ethiopian Bamboo

15 April, 2016

When we think about bamboo and where it is grown, we mostly think about Japan, China and people with excellent horticultural taste in their gardens.  

Bamboo however, covers a vast amount of area in the world, including large areas of Africa, South / Central America and Southeast Asia.   They call it "green gold", as processing it brings eco-friendly industries.  

One of our friends was recently featured on CNN, focusing on the bamboo business in Ethiopia 


Bamboo, The Tip of the Iceberg

13 April, 2016

When you’re looking at a bamboo forest, your’e actually looking at only the tip of the iceberg: more than half the mass of a bamboo forest is the root structure underground.    inIndividual  poles above the surface are actually part of a huge interconnected root structure underneath.   Cutting one pole (usually less than 20%, only the mature poles) leaves the structure intact with many other culms to feed the root structure above.   These grass-like characteristics make bamboo floor eco friendly.  

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Bamboo Flooring vs Laminate, Continued

03 April, 2016

This week, we continue comparing bamboo flooring to other flooring options, specifically laminate.   Welcome to Round Three. 

Round Three: Toxicity Levels

Made of cheap processed wood, held together by inexpensive adhesives, laminate flooring is not an eco-friendly product. There is no way to be sure what chemicals or other harmful products have been used in the manufacturing process. The biggest concern with laminate flooring is that you have no real idea of the source of the product, the manufacturing quality or the levels of toxic ingredients added to the laminate material.All our bamboo products adhere to stringent testing and confirm to all European Union (EU) standards, and the floor itself is composed of primarily bamboo: not chemicals.   One of the beauties of hard floorings is it does not catch dust and other allergens.   Keep your house pure using a good, solid eco-friendly floor. 

Bamboo Flooring vs Laminate, Continued

15 March, 2016

This week, we continue comparing bamboo flooring to other flooring options, specifically laminate.   Welcome to Round Two. 

Round Two: Variety

Simply Bamboo Flooring has all the warmth and elegance of a solid timber floor but has a distinctly different appearance that will improve the value and  appearance of  any room in your home. Simply Bamboo Flooring  in a range of styles and finishes that enables you to showcase your individual style while increasing the value of your home.  From matte to glossy, different colors and sizes, we have the perfect floor for you.   There are grain, colour and texture options of bamboo flooring to suit every taste.  And while laminate flooring is merely a printed photocopy of a wood texture and not natural in any way, bamboo flooring is 100% natural and unique.  

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Bamboo Flooring vs Laminate Flooring, Round One

09 March, 2016

Flooring is a significant investment in your home. You want a floor that not only looks amazing but lasts a lifetime. How often have you heard somebody get excited about laminate floors?  Somewhere between never and never ever.  The floor you lay in your home has the potential to add substantial value to your home or not.  

During the next few weeks we’ll put bamboo and laminate flooring head to head.

Round One: Lifespan

Laminate flooring is faux wood flooring option that is appealing if you are looking only at the price, and it hasn’t been stepped on yet.   Laminate flooring may save you money in the short term but it is less durable and has a much shorter life span than bamboo flooring. Laminate flooring will need to be ripped up and replaced within years, and the wear will be noticeable immediately.  Meanwhile Simply Bamboo Bamboo Flooring, with the right maintenance and some easy TLC, will last a lifetime. 

One Of These Things Is Easy To Clean

23 February, 2016

Bowl beats baby, bamboo beats bowl

Baby, Bowl, Bamboo: one of these things is easier to clean than the other. 

If you guessed the bamboo floor, you would be correct.  Protected seven layers of UV cured coating, a quick vacuum or (for really tough spills) a simple damp mop will bring back the original lustre of your bamboo floor. 

This is why bamboo floor is great for areas like kitchens, bathrooms...or wherever babies, pets and other wild animals may roam.  

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