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Anthony C
The wrong side of 70 I have just laid nearly 30 m² of Natural Strand Woven Flooring from Simply Bamboo. I am incredibly pleased with the result. I heartily commend both the product and the company. The superb quality can only be the result of excellent quality control and this does not happen by accident. The Uniclic system made installation a doddle, although a bit hard on the knees. No gain without pain but the end result made the creaking joints worthwhile. Simply Bamboo were pleasant and efficient to deal with and delivery was made exactly as promised. Someone has really thought through the packaging, again not an accident. Wearing my professional hat (I am a retired Chartered Quantity Surveyor) I consider this flooring to be outstanding value for money. All up, flooring, cork underlay, (free) delivery and VAT the flooring worked out at a shade over £28 /m². Which, in my view, puts it in the “very competitively priced” category. Just to get a bit tree huggy for a moment. Bamboo is a remarkable material, I believe that it grows like a huge weed and regenerates itself when cropped. As a manufactured product is wears well. I have twelve-year-old kitchen worktops in my French house. They have been sanded and re-sealed once and look as good now as when they were first installed. I’m sure I shall be able to say the same about the Simply Bamboo flooring.
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