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I must say we have been ASTONISHED at the difference the flooring has made to our house.  We have moved here recently to tiled floors throughout which were freezing.  Even while the bamboo flooring was going down over the tin foil underlay, the fitters could feel the temperature in the house going up and up!! We don’t have to have the heating up so high now and it looks absolutely gorgeous!  Also there was so little waste!  Literally a plank or two where there were doors to navigate around and it was so easy to install it almost did itself!  My fitters were also impressed with the large size of area you can do without thresholds, giving a more unified appearance.  I would never have discovered bamboo flooring if it hadn’t been for Instagram - I saw a friend had some laid in her house (A friend who’s house I never go to so wouldn’t have found out in person!)… I’m so glad I found you!  Due to the lack of waste and my incalculation of area, we now have enough to do an extra room which will mean our entire bottom floor will be covered in Bamboo.  
I’ve enclosed a pic and a before and after of the kitchen area for you to see how lovely it looks.
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